Voice  Lessons

Fanny's voice lessons help students unlock their natural voice through healthy vocal technique paired with Alexander Technique principals. The goal of voice lessons is to meet each student's needs while offering a holistic approach to music making (movement, presence, music literacy, expression, healthy phonation, free breath, and diverse repertoire). Fanny teaches classical singing, musical theater, jazz, and pop. Fanny is currently accepting students (age 10 and beyond), her voice studio is located in Holliston, MA. 

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an educational process for people to explore how their reactions have an effect on their life. The technique facilitates understanding how reactions affect our neuromuscular patterns of movement, which can hinder or amplify our ability to be present with any situation. Fanny's teaching style provides the support students' need to recognize their habitual responses and to foster curiosity to explore other choices. Reported benefits of studying the Alexander Technique relate to mindfulness, awareness and moving with ease. The technique is conveyed verbally and through light touch. Fanny recently launched her YouTube Channel where she shares her Alexander Technique knowledge with the worldwide audience. 

*Fanny is a certified Alexander Technique Teacher. She completed her training at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Fanny was introduced to the technique by Clara Sandler—her voice teacher at the time, and was very curious about the effects of the technique on her singing. Her early experiences with the technique included an expanded sense of self in space, effortless breathing and more vocal freedom. Fanny’s experiences and growth has been deeply influenced by her teachers and mentors Debi Adams, Bob Lada, Jamee Culbertson, and Tommy Thompson.


The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique International


Fanny is based in Holliston, MA. Please visit "contact" tab to schedule a lesson.

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