What is the Alexander Technique?


The Alexander Technique is an educational process for people to explore how their reactions have an effect on their life. The technique facilitates understanding how reactions affect our neuromuscular patterns of movement, which can hinder or amplify our ability to be present with any situation. Fanny's teaching style provides the support students' need to recognize their habitual responses and to foster curiosity to explore other choices. Reported benefits of studying the Alexander Technique relate to mindfulness, awareness and moving with ease. The technique is conveyed verbally and through light touch. Fanny recently launched her YouTube Channel where she shares her Alexander Technique knowledge and expertise with the worldwide audience.


About Fanny


Fanny is a certified Alexander Technique Teacher. She completed her training at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Fanny was introduced to the technique by Clara Sandler—her voice teacher at the time, and was very curious about the effects of the technique on her singing. Her early experiences with the technique included an expanded sense of self in space, effortless breathing and more vocal freedom.


Fanny’s experiences and growth has been deeply influenced by her teachers and mentors Debi Adams, Bob Lada, Jamee Culbertson, and Tommy Thompson.




As an Alexander technique instructor and musician, I hope to provide students with the tools to respond to their lives’ demands with more ease (body+mind+spirit) through the verbal and hands-on nature of the technique.





"It can be a challenge to find the perfect student-teacher relationship. I found that perfect teacher with Fanny. Fanny is a teacher who listens, cares, internalizes, and solves. Her calm demeanor truly made me feel comfortable; her enthusiasm about the AlexanderTechnique excited me anew at every lesson. Fanny took the time to truly know me—as a person, a musician, and a musculoskeletal design. In her work with me, she combined each of these elements, and as a result, I have gained a deeper and lasting awareness of my body." --Stella G.



"I am a professional singer, and my sessions with Fanny Lora were an invaluable resource. So many of us put in lots of time in the practice room, forgetting that our entire body is our instrument. Fanny has a brilliant intuition, and her own experience as a performer lends her a great empathy and understanding of the way we use our bodies and the way that connects to our psychology.  I walked out of my sessions feeling like I had simultaneously unlocked doors as a performer and as a human being." --Omar N.



"Fanny invites you into each session with a curious mind and embracing spirit. She is committed to supporting wellness and wholeness as you journey to develop awareness and integration of the Alexander Technique. I gained a level of understanding and a reminder, as well, of myself in relation to my kinesthetic presence in place and time. I thoroughly recommend Fanny as a teacher, guide and mentor." --Fran F. 



"After working with Fanny, not only did I have a better understanding of the Alexander Technique but I also had a better understanding of myself. Her guidance throughout our lessons gave me the tools I needed to take our work and apply it into my daily life as a person and my craft as a clarinetist. She is a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together." --Ashley O.



"Working with Fanny always gave me a sense of reconnecting with myself and my own needs.  Her calm and positive approach gave me the space and support I needed to explore new ideas and grow through the Alexander Technique." --Carol G.



"As a pianist and conductor, my work with Fanny has been extremely beneficial. Fanny's extensive knowledge of Alexander Technique and her warm, personable, and stress-free demeanor allowed her to guide me towards some discoveries that have transformed the way I approach my music-making. In addition, I am far more aware of the tendencies of my body's movements that have, over a long period of time, built into some tensions and pain in my back and in my feet. This new awareness has given me the opportunity to nip some of these issues in the bud before they become serious problems. I cannot recommend Fanny and her helpful take on Alexander Technique with enough enthusiasm!"

--Brendon S.




Fanny is based in Holliston, MA. Please visit "contact" tab to schedule a lesson.

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