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The lullaby that Fanny wrote for my son was beautiful!  I wish my voice sounded like hers when I sing it, but that is one reason why it is so helpful to have her recording as well.  I love that she included the sheet music as well.  That is perfect to hang on the wall in his nursery.  With the few bits of information that I provided to Fanny about my son prior to her writing the song, she was able to create a song that was so fitting and really captured some of his special qualities in the lyrics. I absolutely love it and I know it will be sung in our family for years to come.  


I am so grateful for the beautiful song that Fanny wrote for my new niece. The process of ordering was simple and streamlined and I appreciated how many options there were to customize the style of the song. I chose a sleep song and Fanny delivered a beautiful melody that suited the baby's name perfectly. The tune is catchy and everyone in our house is singing the song to the new baby! I appreciated the sheet music so that we could frame it for the baby's room, as well as the full recording and accompaniment track so I could sing to the baby as well. I highly recommend this special and unique gift for anyone looking to celebrate a new addition to the family. 



Receiving our Spanish lullaby for our daughter from Fanny was a most special gift! Singing this lullaby has already become an intimate part of our family routine and makes bedtime and nap-time both relaxing and predictable. I would recommended LullaYou to any family looking to involve music in their child’s life in a meaningful way!


Our baby nephew Ean loves his LullaYou! We gifted him a LullaYou for Christmas that the whole family will be singing for many years to come. Fanny does a great job of composing sweet and catchy songs with sounds the baby responds/sings along to. The request process was super easy and we are very pleased with the results as Fanny not only captured the pieces we wanted but things that truly connected with Ean. Thanks to LullaYou we will be part of our nephew’s important moments despite the distance. 

-Laura & Janio

We cannot say enough great things about our personalized lullaby from LullaYou! The personalized touch, creativity and artistry that Fanny brings to these mini masterpieces is quite unique and inherently personal and heartfelt. It really resonated with us to include words that seemed most important to us, like our son’s name and aspects about him that make our hearts swell with love. We do not have the training to create a song, so finding out that a classically trained musician is at the helm of this creation is wonderful. We love our child’s personalized song, it is certainly a special memory for our baby, as well as the voice recording - with piano accompaniment and, of course, the actual sheet music –which we will definitely be framing as a keepsake! Both sets of grandparents were blown away as well by the quality and were upset we beat them to it to order this for their grandchild. PS – how great is it that songs can be requested in English or in Spanish, and you also get to choose the theme!

-Denisse & Davide

Being away from my newborn nephew, I wanted to give his parents something long lasting and personalized. Fanny wrote, composed and sung a beautiful personalized short song, that is very useful to the new parents with the very energetic baby the have.

Thank you Fanny for helping me give a great gift to my brother, sister in law and baby nephew.


Fanny did an amazing job creating 2 personalized nursery songs I wanted to give as Christmas gifts. The songs were beautiful. I love how we got the notes as well in a pdf document and the fact that she can do it in English or Spanish. Thank you Fanny for making these very special gifts.


We are very happy with the personalized song for our daughter, we told Fanny how hard it's for Lucia to sit down and eat, specially vegetables. She created the most beautiful and catchy song for her. It has definitely helped. We start singing before every meal and lucía then realizes that she has to sit and try her food--this is a great relief. We got the recordings of the song, the lyrics and the music written so it can be played by us in the piano.


As a former ECE educator, I know the incredible benefits of music and movement in child development.

I didn’t hesitate when I ran across the opportunity for a personalized lullaby for my son. My baby is quite active and loves music. I’d like to thank Fanny for creating a song that caters to my son's interests and needs! The song is full of movement yet simple enough for my child to learn and follow. I loved the sheet music! I plan to frame it and display it in his room! It is the perfect keepsake.


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