To connect parents and babies through personalized and singable nursery songs. 



One day, I needed a song for my daughter’s bath time and couldn’t find anything that I loved online. So, I began to create a song for her. I included the words that seemed most important to me, like her name, as well as an easy melody that anyone could sing. Then, I realized that many parents might feel the same way and probably don’t have the tools to create a song like I do as a classically trained musician. And so, LullaYou was born.



  1. Personalized song for the special moments you share with your baby. 


  • Voice recording - with piano accompaniment

  • MIDI recording  - piano accompaniment only

  • Sheet music - this is perfect for framing as a keepsake


*Personalized songs are a special memory for your baby and can also be given as a gift to other parents, fill out the order form below to request a LullaYou. Songs can be requested in English or in Spanish, and you also get to choose the theme.


Personalized nursery song starting at $50. Pay through Venmo @Fanny-Lora or PayPal.

Haga click para versión en Español

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Ethan Moves.SampleFanny Lora
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Lucas Dante. SampleFanny Lora
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Lucia Yam! Yam! - SampleFanny Lora
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Micaela y Felipe - SampleFanny Lora
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